Regalia C-191

(NPN 80067255)

The First Natural Product for Women AUTHORIZED for Sale by Health Canada

Regalia C-191
  • Helps support healthy mood balance during MENOPAUSE and emotional aspects of SEXUAL HEALTH
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Regalia C-191 is 100% natural, and has no side effects.1

90-day Guarantee

To make sure as many people as possible enjoy Regalia C-191, we’re offering an incredible guarantee. It’s an amazing offer, and we’re confident that after trying the product you’ll say: “I should’ve bought this product ages ago!” In the unlikely event you’re not completely satisfied with the product2, we’ll reimburse you within five days. So give it a try. You’ve got lots to gain and not a single penny to lose.


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Due to the nature of the product, photos have not been published, to protect the privacy of test subjects2.

Ref. 5410

It’s hard to explain, but after just a few days of taking your product, I felt something stirring inside me that needed to be satisfied. I thought it was a one-off, but it keeps happening again and again. My partner has even started calling me his red-hot lover. Thanks Régalia!

Ref. 5432

My husband has used Régalia for Men for several years. And since I started taking Régalia, my sex drive is just as high as his…things have really been hotting up in our bedroom in the last few weeks. I should’ve tried these little pills ages ago.

Ref. 5461

My three daughters have been telling me about this product for a while, and I finally decided to try it. Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that hot for my husband. Honestly, I recommend Régalia C-191 to any woman looking to rev up her sex life again.

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